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           "Everybody dies but not everybody lives"

1) End US military occupation of UK
2) Scrap Trident and all military nuclear facilities                              
3) Equal pay for women to be achieved and vigorously enforced
4) Scrap tax exile status
5) End Americanisation of the built environment
6) Restore the built environment to optimise a sense of local community
7) Restore Retail Price Maintenance
8) Restore the Net Book Agreement
9) Firearm manufacturers will pay £100k whenever their creations are used by criminals
10) Refuse UK entry to anybody described as a servant (of Embassy personnel etc)

“Wall Street – A financial snake pit rife with greed, conflicts of interest and wrongdoing”  Senator Carl Levin



11) End the practice of tied public houses
12) End brewery ownership of public houses
13) Decriminalise prostitution
14) Convicted pimps to be relieved of their ill-gottten gains.
15) Decriminalise drug use
16) Ban cult of Scientology – Assets to be seized and used to rehabilitate victims of the cult
17) Foreign born Scientologists to be relieved of their ill-gotten gains and deported
18) Deport foreign born criminals
19) Restore the Post Office to pre-1979 network
20) Restore the BBC World Service to pre-1979 coverage 

 “The desire of the man is for the woman,

     but the desire of the woman is for the   

                   desire of the man.”

                                           Madame de Stael



21) Re-establish Royal Mail monopoly
22) End charitable status of independent schools
23) End charitable status of religions
24) Disestablish the Church of England
25) Scrap state funding of faith schools
26) City of London governance to conform to other elected local authorities
27) State school class sizes to be reduced to a maximum of 15 pupils
28) Scrap pre-entry interviews for university applicants
29) Scrap Mi5
30) Scrap Mi6

31) Scrap Special Branch
32) Scrap Territorial Support Group
33) Scrap courts-martial
34) Scrap Territorial Army
35) Scrap ‘Independent’ Police Complaints Commission
36) Establish genuine Independent Police Complaints Commission
37) Judges to retire at 65
38) Judges will also be appointed from non-legal professions 
39) Scrap stop and search measures under anti-terrorism laws
40) Re-establish minimum height requirements for beat police workers

41) Abolish court appointed and privately contracted bailiffs
42) End the practice of imprisonment for non-violent crime
43) Renationalise all entities that have been privatised since 1979
44) Privatise the Royal Family
45) End media intrusion into the private lives of the Royal Family
46) Families with learning disabled parents to reside in protected communities
47) Separate retail banking from investment banking
48) Scrap Social Services – social workers to work alongside GPs and funded nationally
49) Scrap cheap-rate postage for tabloid newspapers
50) Ban soft-porn in tabloid newspapers
51) Newspaper employees to have a comment page where they decide the content
52) End foreign ownership of newspapers, magazines and television
53) Ban cross media ownership
54) End foreign ownership of cinemas.
55) No entity to own more than one cinema
56) Scrap road tax – increase tax on fuel so that the more road you use the more you pay
57) Scrap private compulsory insurance. Add cost of compulsory car insurance to fuel
58) Public transport to be run as a service not a business.
59) Terminate PFI contracts
60) End private use of NHS facilities
61) Cancel all private contracts in NHS
62) Cleaning of all government owned/run buildings etc to be brought in-house
63) Re-store final-salary pension schemes
64) Cut executive pay to a multiple of 7 times average employees pay as in Germany
65) Scrap share options for executives
66) Scrap executive perks
67) Working hours to be reduced to a maximum of 35 hours per week
68) Employees entitled to a minimum of 5 weeks paid annual leave
69) Gov't departs will not buy anything made abroad that is produced at home
70) Members of the House of Lords to be nominated exclusively by MPs
71) Pay Fair Trade prices for imported goods
72) Scrap Development Aid to foreign countries
73) Contracts between artists, producers and publishers to be standardised and transparent
74) All PLCs to have minimum 50% female representation on the board of directors
75) PLC directors shall not be appointed to more than one company board
76) Self-employed to enjoy 25% reduction in income tax
77) Scrap service charges in restaurants. Tips to be kept by waiting staff
78) Scrap all ticket reservation charges at places of entertainment
79) Scrap premium telephone charges to all places of entertainment
80) Prohibit imported labour while we have significant unemployment
81) Foreign students will pass an English proficiency test prior to studying in UK
82) Scrap university fees.
83) Restore student grants to 1979 value taking inflation into consideration
84) Build or create accommodation for students throughout their time in full-time study
85) Scrap business model of organisations that provide public services
86) Scrap all business consultancies in the public sector
87) Cost of consultancies in the private sector shall  not to deducted from tax liability
88) Parking penalty charges are NOT to be collected for increasing revenue purposes
89) Pub proprietors to pay 100% of costs arising out of criminal damage by inebriated patrons
90) End cult of managerialism
91) End church and government monopoly of local meeting places
92) Local authorities to make provision of at least one substantial site for Travellers
93) Restore building regulations to room sizes pre 1979 levels
94) Restore school milk
95) Restore the Milk Marketing Board
96) Scrap street furniture
97) Remove railings from public spaces
98) 100% VAT and income tax relief for small farmers
99) 100% tax relief for small retailers for 5 years
100) State to provide elderly care to all who need it regardless of financial circumstances
101) Civil servants not to take positions in areas where they had Government responsibility
102) Ban the use of US style emergency vehicle sirens – return to pretty bells of the 50s
103) Establish a community law centre in every local authority
104) End landlordism. Property companies to sell all properties to tenants at a discount
105) End practice of building on flood plains
106) Owners of empty properties to attract draconian taxes
107) Work place bullying to be criminalised
108) Introduce press privacy law to protect private individuals
109) Refuse port entry to ships flying/abusing Flags of Convenience
110) Companies responsibility to employees, customers and shareholders shall be equal
111) Paedophiles to be shot by firing squad
112) Loan Sharks to be shot by firing squad
113) Loans made in excess of APR 27.5 % interest wil be considered legally unenforcable
114) Abandoned villages to be repopulated. Villagers will pay no taxes or rates for 5 years
115) Supermarkets barred from trading in tobacco products, flowers and plants
116) End practice of using private recruitment agencies in the public sector
117) Adopt Finnish model of school education




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